Success formula: Decathlon + Noveo

It is said that those into sport are more often in a good mood, perform complex tasks easier  and are more satisfied with their lives than those who are far from sport. We won’t affirm that it’s a gospel truth, but our experience confirms this statement. What is more, it is not necessary to practice …

X points to keep in mind porting your apps to iPhone X

On the 12th of September the universe was presented with the new version of iOS and Apple mobile devices. While the new devices are still expected on the market, the iOS 11 has already been installed on millions of gadgets. For us, developers, however, new iOS and new iPhone bring quite a few things to take care of, so that the existing apps would work flawlessly on all-new shiny Apple platform. Here’s our breakdown of most typical issues to handle.

Mobile development 2016-2017: the interest is growing, the price is falling

Recently CNews, one of the most authoritative portals about technologies in Russia, asked the top 10 companies from the rating “Largest mobile developers for business and government”, including Noveo, to share their observations of current tendencies on mobile development market. Each company from the list had its own experience and special character, and as a …

thinking of web API

In previous approaches, I told you how the idea to summarize the experience in web API development came to my mind. In the first approach, I described the kinds of resources and operations that we meet during web API design. The second part was dedicated to unique URLs allowing to address these resources. In this part I will try to describe various requests and responses.