Swinguru – guru of virtual golf

Train faster. Smarter. Easier. Precision in golf or basketball movement without a coach or a course and a field, without any time limit? Easy if you install Swinguru! Professional sport simulation virtual platforms have been gaining popularity and now allow a user to dive into virtual reality of a game without stepping foot outdoors. Among …

Noveo Swinguru project

Mobile development 2016-2017: the interest is growing, the price is falling

Recently CNews, one of the most authoritative portals about technologies in Russia, asked the top 10 companies from the rating “Largest mobile developers for business and government”, including Noveo, to share their observations of current tendencies on mobile development market. Each company from the list had its own experience and special character, and as a …

CES 2017, innovations and trends

Last week was marked by a breathtaking event that couldn’t leave untouched anybody keen on electronics and new technologies – Consumer Electronic Show or CES, that took place in Las Vegas from 05 to 08 January. All the major manufacturers gathered in a desert in order to show their latest inventions in prototypes, betas and …

recognition prototype

Recently one of our customers decided to apply the idea of images recognition to a specific domain – license plates. After being recognized, the number is sent to a special service, which provides information about the car. The information is similar to the information contained in a vehicle certificate of origin: car make and model, manufacture year, car type, VIN, motor ID… This information can be used in different fields: from detecting law violators to facilitating maintenance service and fueling questions.
But before starting development of solutions for different domains, the customer decided to check out the idea and create a Proof Of Concept (POC). The idea was to demonstrate the POC to investors and gain their support before starting development. This was the request he addressed to Noveo.

AR/VR era

Though augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) are young, they are the domains very confidently asserting themselves on the informational technologies market. We can safely say that future belongs to AR/VR-devices. Even now the diversity of such devices impresses: helmets, gloves, entire costumes, tracking systems for head, eyes and body movements, 3D-controllers, stereoscopic screens – but there is much more than that.