thinking of web API

In previous approaches, I told you how the idea to summarize the experience in web API development came to my mind. In the first approach, I described the kinds of resources and operations that we meet during web API design. The second part was dedicated to unique URLs allowing to address these resources. In this part I will try to describe various requests and responses.

bring the robots all together: android meetups in Noveo

Noveo Android developers have recently gathered for the 4th traditional meetup. Meetup is an informal meeting of people who share a particular interest. The idea of holding such events was brought up to our minds as an experiment and was easily accepted by the company. The very first meeting took place in our department in …

principles of reactive programming on a base of simple RSS aggregator using ReactiveX library for Python

During recent years reactive programming in general as well as ReactiveX library is on increasing popularity among developers. Kseniya, Noveo Python developer, demonstrates benefits of this approach on a base of an RSS aggregator on Python.

Forewarned, forearmed

The project that we want to introduce to you today is unique in terms of applicability: it can be used in all the fields where risks arise: whether it will be medical care, production, alerting systems or systems for notifying VIP clients. The system represents a connectivity platform for critical messaging systems. Such messages can be sent, for example, to medical staff in case of problems in equipment performance or a call from a patient, to an engineering team in case of equipment breakdown or to all the company employees in case of smoke spread or an emergency situation.

5 attributes and 20 pieces of advice: a formula of Senior developer from Noveo

The labor market in IT is on increase in spite of the crisis, and senior developers are the most needed. Constant demand on the labor market, high level of salaries, really challenging and interesting tasks and respect from the colleagues in the industry are inherent parts of being senior. But what should you do to become one? How to become the best in your job and be proud of it? We have discussed these and several other questions with Noveo senior developers and now want to share with you 5 attributes of seniors and 20 most useful pieces of advice that will help you to become a senior developer.