Mobile development today

In October 2018 “Kommersant-Siberia”, a local unit of the leading Russian business broadsheet, asked major Novosibirsk developers to share their vision of the present-day mobile applications market. The general picture, which sums up the observations of several large companies, is published here (in Russian). In this post we offer you our opinion about tendencies of …

Mobile development today Noveo review

Mobile development 2016-2017: the interest is growing, the price is falling

Recently CNews, one of the most authoritative portals about technologies in Russia, asked the top 10 companies from the rating “Largest mobile developers for business and government”, including Noveo, to share their observations of current tendencies on mobile development market. Each company from the list had its own experience and special character, and as a …

Merci for the good taxi

Taxi is one of the most popular services today: it’s quick, comfortable, door-to-door, and the rides cost is recently quite fair. Where there’s demand, there’s supply, and the rivalry among the companies offering taxi services is very tough. One needs to have an obvious advantage over the competitors to attract and keep clients. Our customer placed his bets on the modern software, dedicated to taxi companies in the first place and harnessing the most advanced technologies for them.