Testing of integration of a web application with social media

Natalia, TechLead of the Noveo QA department, is sharing her experience of implementing a quite tricky functionality – integration of a web application with social media. Many people don’t feel like completing another field on a new website when logging in. Single Sign-On with popular social networks often comes in handy here: Facebook Google, Instagram. …

Noveo testing project

thinking of web API

In previous approaches, I told you how the idea to summarize the experience in web API development came to my mind. In the first approach, I described the kinds of resources and operations that we meet during web API design. The second part was dedicated to unique URLs allowing to address these resources. In this part I will try to describe various requests and responses.

thinking of web API

Most of developers of web-sites, web-services and mobile applications at some point come to work with the client-server architecture, namely to develop or integrate a web API. To avoid inventing something new each time, it is important to draw out a relatively universal approach to web API design, based on the development experience of similar …