Efficient management of competencies and development of employee skills

Efficient management of competencies and development of employee skills

In modern business, effective competency management and employee skills development are key success factors. Proper systematization of data helps a lot in this, but let’s be honest - until recently, information about the skills and competencies of employees in various departments was kept in a separate form. It was distributed between Google Sheets, Google Docs, the Company Staff internal platform and other services; seeing the overall picture required additional data processing, which created uncertainty for employees and complicated the competency management process.

To cope with these inconveniences, the internal “Skills” service was designed to consolidate, streamline and simplify the management of competencies and employee skills development, making the process more transparent and efficient for all participants.

“Skills” system capabilities provide users with the following features:

1. Management of competencies within the department (for managers):

● an overall picture of what competencies and skills exist within the department and how they are developed;

● monitoring the progress and regression of employees skills;

● understanding how satisfied the employee is with the current project.

2. Managing your own competencies (for employees):

● transparency of your career path within the company;

● understanding what needs to be done to grow and to develop as a specialist;

● self-reflection.

3. Selection of specialists with a certain set of skills and competencies suitable for specific projects.

Grid of grades

Each employee has his own grid of grades depending on his specialization. The grade grid reflects all the competencies necessary to move to the next level (Junior, Junior +, Middle, Middle +, Senior) in a certain specialization. This allows the employee to understand his points of growth, and gives the manager an opportunity to track the competencies that the employee possesses.

My Skills

Individual development plan

The development plan is formed together with the manager for the selected period and allows to create an employee’s career track and record development goals. The development plan may include competencies from a grid of grades.

Individual plan

Skills chart

The skills chart allows employees to assess their own level of proficiency in certain skills and place them on the chart depending on their own preferences and level of proficiency. The history of changes in the form of vectors helps both employees and managers track progress or regression in skills.

Skills chart

Satisfaction with the project

Employees can choose their level of satisfaction with the current project. If there are several projects, then the average level of satisfaction for all projects is selected.

Satisfaction with the project


Thus, the Skills service helps managers manage the skills of their employees easily and effectively. It brings information together, making the competency management process simpler and more understandable for everyone. This allows managers to better understand the skills of their employees and contribute to their development, which in turn increases the professionalism of the team and overall productivity.