Game development @ Noveo: Come play with us!

It’s Friday night, everyone is done with their work for the week, and so you all gather around a TV to watch your favourite game show together. ‘That’s so easy’, ‘Even I know that one’, ‘Oh come on, I would definitely win!’ Let’s be honest, we all tend to make such comments – especially when we’re so frustrated with that one guy on our screen who clearly has no idea what the right answer is. Luckily, modern technology can help any of us feel as though we’re the ones enjoying the spotlight and tackling even the trickiest of questions – the only thing we need for that is a mobile version of said game show installed on our phone! ;)

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Transforming HR world through the power of IT

Oh, the wonderful month of December… That special time when everything slows down in anticipation of Christmas celebrations and finally gives way to complete, almost-magical stillness towards New Year’s Eve. Or does it? Noveo offices are buzzing even in late December: project kick-offs, contract renewals, ramp-ups… Forget the year-end peace and quiet – everyone is …

A service for every milestone of your life

Questions about life and death have always been on people’s minds. However, while it’s pretty common for us to create millions of plans for the future, we never really take it as far as to truly contemplate the “after” and all the things that happen when we leave this realm. Sure, there is always grief …

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