A service for every milestone of your life

Questions about life and death have always been on people’s minds. However, while it’s pretty common for us to create millions of plans for the future, we never really take it as far as to truly contemplate the “after” and all the things that happen when we leave this realm. Sure, there is always grief and heartbreak to follow one’s passing, but there is also a very different, rather practical aspect to such an event: think preparation of legal documents, funeral arrangements, probate... Luckily, nowadays we have various services at our disposal that help us take care of this important life milestone and make it less daunting to anticipate.

Noveo projects Last will online

New technologies have transformed our world in almost every way – over the past decade, it gradually became possible to do the majority of our activities online, without ever having to leave the house. The law sector, though, is one of those few areas that still tend to keep things traditional for one reason or another. That is why our customer decided to take on a challenge and approach it from a standpoint of the digital age, attempting to modernise one of the most crucial, yet obscure, parts of legal processes: procedures related to the subject of death

As a result, the customer has developed a platform that provides its users with a means to take care of every part of their journey, from getting life and property insurance to managing issues that are often left ignored until the very last minute – like writing one’s will, appointing an executor, or organising estate valuation. For some these things might seem frightening but, in reality, death is an integral part of our existence and the more we know about it, the better we can prepare ourselves for that one final step – not with fear but with understanding. 

The designed solution allows you to take full control of the matter, learn the way everything is dealt with in terms of the law, and arrange all that is needed for the last stage of your life. Securely, easily, online.

Noveo projects Last will online

Our customer made it their priority to turn the platform into a safe place where anyone can get clear and simple answers to questions we rarely (if ever) discuss in our daily lives. Armed with the necessary information, you can later move on to the actual process of estate planning – an extensive list of tools will enable you to:

  • prepare a will that is detailed enough to avoid any potential conflict between beneficiaries (clearly define your beneficiaries and things they will receive, appoint the executor, estimate the value of your assets, specify where and how you’d like the funeral to be held);
  • if desired, add a clause stating that you give your consent to be an organ donor;
  • determine whether there are any inheritance taxes to be applied and if so, calculate their approximate amount;
  • update your will at any time, add new beneficiaries or exclude old ones;
  • monitor your assets and all the important documents.

The service can also be used by notary offices and insurance companies as it has a dedicated space where professionals can:

  • showcase their offers;
  • educate their clients about succession;
  • improve their work processes by being more in-tune with their clients’ worries and, therefore, quickly coming up with the most appropriate solutions.

Our collaboration with the customer started back in May and is still going strong – at the moment the Noveo team is focused on bringing all the developed microservices together in the form of a big, unified platform that offers B2B, B2C and B2B2C products.

As time goes by, we are sure to have more details and interesting facts to share about our experiences – but for now, we sincerely wish the customer’s team all the success they deserve and hope to achieve many more goals together. Here’s to more satisfied users and their stress-free future!