Programmer’s day 2022

Here in Noveo we celebrate Programmer’s Day together with colleagues of other IT-related professions. There’s always team spirit, no matter how many miles and spaces are there between us :)

This year we got some attention-grabbing surprises.

For each of us the day started with a virtual greeting – a video card with merry, though non-less important wishes, that set the pace and mood of that autumn day. In addition, we had a splendid opportunity to congratulate their workmates anonymously or in person via our corporate card service – and we did!

Then followed a marvelous surprise from the in-house development team and PR/Event department: “Noveo gamification” was presented! This is our new corporate service that provides our achievement system with a few touches of improvement (along with flashbacks related to good old “Sims”))

Noveo gamification

Previous achievement system got an update – now under the photo of each user there’s a unique avatar, which can be customized in the way the user wants by changing features or, for instance, by adding various features: accessories, clothes items, etc.

Initially, each staff member has a starter pack of sources/skins, other sets are available as soon as they get corporate achievements.

Noveo gamification creating avatar

Also, this year was refreshed the design of achievements tags and improved the list of new ones. Many of the colleagues were surprised when they saw their achievements :) Some of us even managed to collect full-house throughout all their career in the company! Hats off to geniuses!

Noveo gamification achievements

Pretty soon our service is getting coin system and clothes items update, so we’re looking forward to getting an extended Shop edition! :)

Now let’s move on to our cozy pow-wows!

The offices had an incredible aroma of delicious pies and spicy mulled wine: touches of apples, oranges, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and star anise – it all mixed into a cool composition that permeated the air and instigated everyone to taste the prepared treats as soon as possible! No close doors of the offices could hold colleagues desire to try the treats, hence many of them quickly rushed to the kitchen without waiting for an official invitation :)

Noveo Programmer's Day

After everybody warmed up, a bunch of indoor competitions for ingenuity, speed and logic awaited us. The guys were divided into teams, and so the mortal combat began. Car racing, water jenga, cup and ping pong ball contests – you name it, we got it... It was hot!

Noveo celebrating Programmer's Day

One of the teams decided to plunge into the world of virtual reality and catch the dance wave! And, certainly, how could it go without our favorite board games! :)

Everyone got an incredible storm of emotions! This day will definitely be remembered for a long time ;)

Noveo Playing Games on the Programmer's Day

Congratulations to the programming magicians and everyone involved into their professional holiday – Programmer's Day!

Noveo Happy Programmer's Day

We wish stable production, bug-free releases, cutting-edge technologies, understanding and empathy from customers and cool projects!

Happy Programmer’s day!

Noveo loves you!