Transforming cloud and telecommunications services thanks to AWS technologies

Thanks to the use of AWS-based infrastructure and microservices archtecture, Noveo and our Customer, user-oriented cloud operator Sewan, managed to overcome technical limitations imposed by the specificities of the previously-developed solution. As a result, the product’s performance, availability and security got improved, while the customers reported better user experience overall. 

Our Customer

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Paris, France, Sewan is an automated networking, cloud, and telecommunications services provider. It offers fixed and mobile telephony, messaging, data, collaborative work, hosting and cloud services.

The company has a national network of more than 500 distribution partners including operators, computer integrators, telephone installers, and internet service providers with the customer base exceeding 75 000 companies and one million end users.

Transforming cloud and telecommunications services thanks to AWS technologies

Our project

Already having success in the France telecom industry and providing convenient services to its customers via a large partner network, Sewan had approached scalability limitations due to server-based infrastructure and software technical debt. It was decided to develop a brand new system based on microservices architecture that would combine the years of gained experience and the newest technological advancements. This way, the company would evade the state when software limitations could damage customer experience and availability of its services.

As part of Sewan’s development team, Noveo creates container-based applications and fits them into a vivid microservice mesh deployed with the heavy use of ECS Fargate, ALB, RDS Aurora.

The GitOps approach with Gitlab as the source and its CI system as a mediator helps us increase the speed of deployments, making them scalable and predictable at the same time. 

We have chosen the ECS Fargate option for elastic scalability and cost-efficiency, with Terraform as an infrastructure-as-code tool and Terragrunt wrapper as an environment handling optimiser.

On top of that, services like CloudWatch, Secrets Manager, S3 allow us to solve adjacent tasks naturally arising from deployments.

As a result, the new architecture and AWS-based infrastructure allowed Sewan to bring tectonic changes to how they provide their services to the end customers and partners. Not only did the availability, scalability, security and cost-efficiency match the AWS standards, but the customer experience and growth have followed.

On average, the web-platform response time got reduced by 27%, infrastructure costs reduced by a remarkable 45%, and the customer satisfaction index increased from 75% to 93%.

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