Noveo improves the quality of life

With more than 20 years of outsource development, Noveo can proudly present a very diverse palette of projects, and from time to time we cannot deny ourselves the pleasure of sharing some of them with our readers. Today's selection covers projects from different fields - medicine, enology, smart home and healthy sleep - united by a common idea: each of these applications adds comfort to users' life, improving therefore its quality.

For example, one of our solutions helps users to manage the vital function of sleep. Our customer created a device that used thermoregulation as a means of keeping the room and body’s temperature at the perfect level for deep sleep. One part of the solution is intended for cooling down the user’s pillow, while another connects to the house’s heating/ventilation system and adjusts its settings during the night.

Noveo was entrusted with the task of developing the backend part of the device’s mobile companion app, using Go, Python С/С++, BLE and CI/CD. The scope of the backend part of the project included the implementation of the following features:

  • Databases with information regarding user’s personal details, sleep patterns, settings, etc.;
  • Registering device’s data (unique IDs, cryptographic keys, serial numbers);
  • Data exchange (visualisation of the app’s usage, sleep tracking);
  • Over-the-air updating mechanism for the firmware.

In a related field, also directly concerning health, we created a medical facilities guide for general public, helping the users to make faster and more informed decisions when it really matters.

A team of healthcare professionals decided to create a comprehensive online guide to medical facilities for anyone interested in the topic – and first of all, for patients who are searching for a particular specialist or a hospital and would like to know more about them before making an appointment.

The Noveo team took on a challenge to implement the platform: the guide was developed on JavaScript, HTML/CSS and PHP as a web portal that was also adapted for smartphones.

Some of the platform’s features included:

  • Discover official information about medical institutions and their personnel;
  • Find nearby healthcare facilities based on the user’s location;
  • Leave honest reviews and attach photos as a patient;
  • Read educational content written, reviewed, and curated by healthcare professionals.

The next application can also be considered as slightly related to the health field :) At least it helps the users to save their nerves and stay calm during the day – a system for management of smart door locks.

The customer develops various smart access solutions. One of them is a powerful door lock management system built around a new Li-Fi technology. It allows the owner to control all of the locks available to them and monitor the security status of different doors and rooms, thus protecting their space from possible break-ins.

A handy web application is used for displaying and configuring all of the locks in the smart system. The Noveo team was responsible for developing the frontend part of this very app on VueJS.

Some of the implemented features included:

  • Generation, distribution, and management of lock access rights;
  • Tracking the activity of other users (their entering and leaving the building or a certain room);
  • Leaving notes to other users along with their virtual key;
  • Detection of intrusions.

Today's selection can be completed on the most pleasant note with a project from the area of hedonism and life's pleasures: smart wine aerator and its companion app.

A small team of a winegrower, a designer and a software engineer created their own smart device for aerating wine in a matter of seconds. Connected to a mobile app, the aerator automatically determines the exact amount of oxygen needed and mixes it into wine while the user pours the drink into glasses.

The mission for Noveo was to prepare the device for its launch. Our team tested the C++ solution on-site and implemented a number of things that would make the future update process smoother.

For example, it became possible to:

  • Upload new versions, tech updates and hotfixes without distracting users;
  • Avoid unpredictable behaviour of the device while installing updates in the background.

Our developers also remained in contact with the customer’s team and helped them with bug fixing and small evolution tasks throughout the years.

The projects are so different, but at the same time pursuing the same goal: to make every day of our users more comfortable, easier and more pleasant. We are always happy to develop a system that improves the quality of life for you!