Work is easy with Noveo!

Last time we told you about our projects that make different aspects of life more comfortable. In this post, we want to focus on a single, yet highly important aspect - work life and everything that goes with it!

Noveo projects making work easier

First of all, if you are not one of those lucky people who work remotely or live near your workplace, you need to reach the office. For these purposes our customer, specializing in various B2B solutions centered around public transportation systems in big European cities, designed a useful web app for commuters – and our team was responsible for the implementation of its frontend part on Angular.

The app is already available to users and supports multiple languages (English, French, Dutch, etc.). Some of its main features include:

  • smart calculation of the optimal route (both time and cost-wise); 
  • possibility to compare different travel options based on the mode of transportation;
  • search of the best subscription plans;
  • purchase of digital passes and tickets.

And what if your place of work is not a regular office, but a flexible one? In this case, the accessibility not only of the office itself, but also of the workplace inside becomes an important issue. With remote and hybrid work models becoming more and more popular, another customer decided to develop a new web and mobile app for flexible offices, allowing coworking space booking and management.

More specifically, the app, written on React, Node and React Native, enables the users to

  • book workspaces all around their city;
  • pick anything from a simple desk to a fully equipped office;
  • create a joined schedule with their coworkers;
  • stay in the same coworking hub or explore new spaces every day.

Wherever you work, your employer most certainly deals with a lot of paperwork - and we'd all definitely like to see all of these documents handled with due diligence. For those who work with contracts and legal documents, one of our customers created an AI-powered contract manager - a smart SaaS platform that connects to your cloud and email services and automatically manages all of your paperwork.

Main features of the service, written on TypeScript, Angular and HTML/CSS, include:

  • support of a wide range of document and file types;
  • scanning of every contract for key information and turning it into actionable items;
  • alerts and warnings to all team members concerned.

And at last, but not least, we are proud to tell you about our participation in the development of a corporate social responsibility platform! Using Vue, PHP and Laravel, we implemented a CSR solution for companies that are committed to making a positive change in the world. 

For example, employers can

  • support and collaborate with local non-profit organizations;
  • share various missions and challenges with their team;
  • measure and monitor their company’s impact.

Whereas employees are able to

  • choose an activity based on their interests;
  • engage with the community and help those in need.

Big changes tomorrow begin with small actions today!