Noveo projects: skillful entertainment

We already shared with you a number of our projects designed to improve the quality of the users’ everyday life as well as different aspects of their work life. But life is not just about that :) Today we would like to tell you about our projects in the entertainment, relax and service domains – both for consumers and producers of the services!

A significant part of our lives, including social activities, nowadays takes place online - so various online events are now more popular than ever! Using React Native, React, PHP, WebRTC and Jitsi, Noveo team developed 3 connected solutions for organizing fully interactive live events. Going beyond simple video streaming, the apps help to create a unique viewing experience.

As a viewer the user can: 

  • join the stream via video call,
  • participate in real-time quizzes, polls and surveys .

As an event organizer they can: 

  • manage multiple media feeds/sources,
  • promote your business on the fly.

Сreate Limitless, Innovative, Vibrant Events with Noveo ;)

What if you’re on the other side and want to create a gastronomic space where people will feel warmly welcomed, where there will always be a free cosy table for them and orders will arrive in a flash? We can help you with that too! For one of our customers we created an all-in-one app for the hospitality industry, based on Swift, iOS SDK and Flutter. The solution is mainly designed for the personnel of cafés, bars and restaurants. It combines the features of multiple tools and can be used on iPads and iPhones alike.

Thanks to the app, the users can:

  • take customer orders,
  • manage seats, tables and rooms,
  • accept and process payments,
  • create loyalty programs,
  • analyze end-of-day sales.

Happier staff – even happier customers ;)

And if you want to help both producers and consumers of services at the same time, creating perfect marketing campaigns -  totally reaching its audience without being pushy, offering people exactly what they need and thereby saving them time and bringing only positive emotions?

We know what to do in such a case too! For example, one of our customer’s company focuses on strategic development and offers consulting services in many different business areas. They wanted to create a new solution for retailers to give them a possibility to plan, monitor, and manage their own promotional campaigns.

Being focused on strategic development, the customer wanted to offer their clients in the domain of retail a new solution allowing them to plan, monitor, and manage their own promotional campaigns.

The Noveo team participated in every stage of the project’s lifecycle: its elaboration, design, development and testing. The service is written on Vue, PHP, Symfony, DevOps, MS Azure, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Terraform and Grafana. It is divided into 4 modules, with each part of the system corresponding to a particular phase of a promo campaign.

Without their ever leaving the platform, the users can:

  • finetune their marketing strategy (dates, rules, mechanics, media channels, etc.);
  • simulate the outcome of several campaign options;
  • validate the final plan with their upper management;
  • contact suppliers, prepare and sign any necessary paperwork with them;
  • put together any media content needed (e.g. brochures, coupons, emails);
  • launch the promo campaign and monitor its status in real time.

Promotional marketing can be easy – and we know just the right solution! ;)