Video library of Noveo projects

A mini digest of some of the projects our team took part in over the last years – in video format! 

Having been in the business for a couple of decades, our team got a chance to work on the projects in pretty much every (or almost) domain you can think of – medicine, finances, entertainment, logistics, gaming, event planning, recruitment, advertising – and many more. With the growth and development of IT industry as a whole, surge of new exciting trends and decay of other, less popular ones, we gained experience in a lot of different areas, tried our hand at a wide range of technologies, and, of course, honed our skills as software and testing engineers, analysts, designers, technical writers, consultants… 

Today we’d like to share some of the solutions that the Noveo team was part of – and that helped us to learn a bit more about the nuances of our customers’ business, as well as the challenges they face in their respective line of work. Shall we start? ;)

Delphi and logistics of migration

Let’s begin with one of the most complex – but also one of the most rewarding – projects: migration of a 15+ years old Delphi application. Developed in the early 2000s, the solution was soon put aside by the customer’s team since it didn’t seem to perform as well as they’d hoped. Soon enough, though, the demand for logistics and transportation management systems grew stronger, and it was decided to bring the app back to life. 

Plus, this time around the customer was sure their product would be a success – with a lot of different modules allowing the users to track basically anything they wanted, from customs declarations to quality control of delivered goods, the application would definitely be useful to many companies in the sector. 

The only thing left was to make sure that it was possible to migrate the code safely, and to define further steps in terms of development, evolutions, etc. This important task was entrusted to Noveo, and, as you can see below (or read here), we conquered the challenge!


Life-saving emergency app 

Another revival-related project, but this time in quite a literal sense: in close collaboration with the customer, our team created a mobile application that allowed the general public to take care of someone going into cardiac arrest before the arrival of paramedics. 

The app sends out an automatic notification to volunteers, showing them how to quickly get to the victim, where to find the closest defibrillator, as well as how to perform CPR – after all, chest compressions are the best proven way to keep blood flowing throughout the body and keep the person alive. 

The solution has since been certified by the Red Cross and multiple EMS associations – and has helped to rescue many people, which is honestly the best result we could ever wish for :)


Delivery service management 

If meal delivery was somewhat popular a couple of years ago, and just in a relatively small number of countries, now it has definitely become one of the most in-demand services across the whole world. Plus, it’s no longer about the ready-made meals per se – you can simply order some groceries from whatever supermarket you like and have them delivered to your door in a matter of hours; what you cook with them later is already a different story ;) 

A chain of such supermarkets became a customer of ours – together with a big eCommerce agency, we implemented a delivery service management tool that allowed the client to set up and automate their order processing workflow. Moreover, the solution enabled them to optimise delivery times thanks to the advanced booking of carriers and now-complete visibility on the transportation companies’ schedule. 


Hotel reservation during business trips

Last but not least, what better way to end our digest than with an app perfect for the long-awaited Summer break! Done in collaboration with a company acclaimed in the tourism and hospitality industry, the developed iOS application is a great digital companion for anyone going on a trip – though, it should be mentioned that the trip here is more so a business travel. 

Instead of keeping all of the documents and receipts printed out (in order to present them to the employer upon your return), you can gather them all digitally and access the required information right from the app – be it your reservations, special voucher codes, or itinerary details. The employer will be automatically notified about your checking in and out of the hotel, and will be able to easily verify your travel expenses since any payments can also be done via the application.


That would be all for now – we’re looking forward to taking on (and talking about) even more exciting projects, and, who knows, maybe our next adventure will be together with you! :)